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Somebody likes it

Hello my little chickadees, and welcome to “Somebody Likes It.” Each week, we gather to talk about an album that, while very important to a lot of people, none of us really know that well. This doesn’t mean that said record is a cult classic, nay dear reader, as our intent is quite contrary to that line of thinking.

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    Flasher - Constant Image

    All three members of Flasher grew up in the Washington, DC area, a metro recently referenced in one review as both 'beautiful' and a 'clattering hellscape' pretty much in the same paragraph.

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    The Soundtrack Singles Mixtape

    After a 2 month hiatus from the show, we decided to kick things back into gear with another mixtape.

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    Hank Williams III -Straight to Hell

    This episode is the third of three episodes recorded back in October of 2018 right before all of our equipment was stolen.

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    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    This episode is the second of three episodes recorded back in October of 2018 right before all of our equipment was stolen. Settle in while we discuss Ariana Grande's latest release, Sweetener.

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    Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix

    Hello Somebody Likes It Listener,

    Back in October, the offices where we record were broken into and all of our equipment for producing Somebody Likes It was stolen. Three episodes that had been recorded but not completed were temporarily lost. This is the first of these episodes, recorded on September 12, 2018, where we discuss Teenage Fanclub's Grand Prix. Enjoy.

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    Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars

    If enigmatic, sprite-like-delivered vocals, with a layered, hypnotic musical bed is your bag, then we've we over here at Somebody Likes It have got you hooked up this week.

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    XTC - The Big Express

    Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding may have written some of the best songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s that most people have never heard.

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    Warrant - Cherry Pie

    I wanted this album to be worse than it was. I begrudgingly admit there are some solid Rock And Roll songs on it. Coming from someone that HATES mainstream capital R "Rock and Roll" from 19-whenever-through-2000-yeah-still-sucks, that is a solid head-nod.

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